Curlin, the Sire of Ride On Curlin

Curlin, the Sire of Ride On Curlin

Curlin, the highest money earner race horse in the United States. On tour in Kentucky during the World Equestrian Games, I had the opportunity to meet Curlin. WOW! He is clearly a superstar. The super cool thing about this horse is he is named after, Charles Curlin, an African American slave from western Kentucky who fought for the Confederate Army in the Civil War. He is like the Obama of the horse world.

Light on the boat

Light on the boat of make believe at Morgan's Cove

Light on the boat of make believe at Morgan’s Cove

WTH? It has been an entire year since I last posted on my blog. All I can say is, S-C-A-R-Y how fast time goes by when….oh no, you get older. I will be heading back to Morgan’ s Cove to capture the many changes there. Need to find some new models who really dig the pirate theme. These two were amazing! What if you like to look absolutely fabulous in a stunning location? If so, call me at 408-461-5995 and let’s set up a consultation to see what I can do for you.