The pre purchase exam with Alamo Pintado



May 10th, I drove back down to Silver Maple Farms to meet up with the vet, Dr. Mark Rick for Najm’s soundness exam and blood work. He was 15 months old, a stallion (not for long if he passes the exam) and a prospect for endurance. I thought it would be best to be present so I could make immediate decisions on how far to go with x-rays if anything unusual was noted. Plus, I needed to see how well he handled the visit being poked and prodded a bit. He was amazing and my only concern was that his feet were a little uneven, but it is very challenging to find a horse with perfectly symmetrical feet. I requested blood work just so I would have a baseline if any issues came up down the road.  A couple of catalysts were high and blood count was a little low but not enough to start him on Red Cell. I am sending off to my nutritionist Dr. Clair Thunes, to see what she thinks. Its always good to have your support team tuned in. Ever want to know how much a prepurchase exam can cost? Here is a break down: $35 farm call, $200 pre purchase, $128 for blood work, X-rays $80 for a total of $442.50. And it doesn’t end there. Makes one want to buy a bike. The best part was I spent some time with the Metz’s, had an amazing dinner, presented their portraits with Simeon Shai and gave them my Tevis first timer lecture. They are so proud of Red Shai aka Hot Wheels. Hoping I get the time to train for 2014. Will be tough with a 2 year old hanging around…or not as he might be off to pasture.

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