Want a new pony little lady? Najm El Nil of Santa Ynez at Silver Maple Farms

Back in April, the 13th to be exact this year, I visited the Metzs, the owners of Silver Maple Farms. I went down to Santa Ynez as I was offered the chance to ride Limerick, a massive Irish Sport Horse, owned by one of the Masters in the Los Altos Hounds. Our club was invited to the closing hunt of the Santa Ynez Valley Hounds. Off I went and had a super fabulous but very intense and very fast ride galloping up and down hillsides chasing scents of various critters. Christie and Henry wanted a portrait of Simeon Shai, (the sire of my gelding, Brumarba Red Shai), with them. He is 29 years old this year and they wanted a recent portrait as he is still absolutely stunning. Afterwards, Henry took me to meet a yearling named Najm El Nil. He didn’t fit their breeding program but felt he would be a spectacular trail horse. My specialty. Trails and endurance. I was thinking OK, I will go along with it, meet the little guy, take some pics with my iphone and maybe a mini video. I showedImage it to my husband who said, well, honey, when he is ready to go under saddle, Finn will be 20, actually 19 but I was saying nothing except, true, true. Right, right and then suddenly I was calling the Metzs and discussing his pick up and pre purchase exam. WTH?

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