Walk on the beach with my Stallion

This is Ali with Jake Jamaal. They are about to finish up relaxing at the beach and having a long walk along the shoreline. Nothing better than a long walk on the beach with your stallion!

Long walk on the beach with my stallion


Don & Chief, helping DreamPower be a successful nonprofit for those in need

I am a huge fan of DreamPower horsemanship. I am amazed at how much they accomplish for so many people who benefit from being with horses. Don is someone who is always there for them, giving his time, and his friendship. Chief is his horse who was rescued as a PMU horse. He is only 6 years old and a very handsome draft horse. Mostly Percheron cross. I know Don is an extremely busy man who doesn’t see his horse as often as I see mine, especially since they live at home with me. But I will say, when Don is with Chief, they share quality time and have a well admired relationship. I could see how much that horse loves him and would do anything for him. I feel honored to have been chosen as their photographer.


Don & Chief