Woodside Equestrian from Victory Ranch event at Mounted Patrol, Woodside

As a member of several horse clubs in the San Francisco Bay area, I am a fan of supporting the horse community any way I can, I received an email about Victory Ranch. They were having a fundraiser at the Mounted Patrol in Woodside, CA. I decided to donate a portrait session to help them raise more funds. The top bidder was Carol Onderka who wanted to capture her stunning Bay Warmblood named Hot Shot. I asked her about posing with him which she had not considered and that is what she ended up loving in the end. Having her relationship with her horse treasured forever.

Morgan Hill Art Gallery & Studios

I’ve been revived. My blog post was forgotten but not forever. Getting back in the groove and it will be easier than ever now that I work in my very gallery with Wifi access. Woohoo! I have joined forces with Valle Del Sur Art Guild in Morgan Hill and we have a new gallery representing artists in the San Francisco South Bay area. I’m excited to be able to free up very distracting home time to be here meeting with clients for presentations and consultations, along with getting very creative with mounting my photography.

Preparing for clients to showcase their family.

Preparing for clients to showcase their family.

Curlin, the Sire of Ride On Curlin

Curlin, the Sire of Ride On Curlin

Curlin, the highest money earner race horse in the United States. On tour in Kentucky during the World Equestrian Games, I had the opportunity to meet Curlin. WOW! He is clearly a superstar. The super cool thing about this horse is he is named after, Charles Curlin, an African American slave from western Kentucky who fought for the Confederate Army in the Civil War. He is like the Obama of the horse world.

Light on the boat

Light on the boat of make believe at Morgan's Cove

Light on the boat of make believe at Morgan’s Cove

WTH? It has been an entire year since I last posted on my blog. All I can say is, S-C-A-R-Y how fast time goes by when….oh no, you get older. I will be heading back to Morgan’ s Cove to capture the many changes there. Need to find some new models who really dig the pirate theme. These two were amazing! What if you like to look absolutely fabulous in a stunning location? If so, call me at 408-461-5995 and let’s set up a consultation to see what I can do for you.

The pre purchase exam with Alamo Pintado



May 10th, I drove back down to Silver Maple Farms to meet up with the vet, Dr. Mark Rick for Najm’s soundness exam and blood work. He was 15 months old, a stallion (not for long if he passes the exam) and a prospect for endurance. I thought it would be best to be present so I could make immediate decisions on how far to go with x-rays if anything unusual was noted. Plus, I needed to see how well he handled the visit being poked and prodded a bit. He was amazing and my only concern was that his feet were a little uneven, but it is very challenging to find a horse with perfectly symmetrical feet. I requested blood work just so I would have a baseline if any issues came up down the road.  A couple of catalysts were high and blood count was a little low but not enough to start him on Red Cell. I am sending off to my nutritionist Dr. Clair Thunes, to see what she thinks. Its always good to have your support team tuned in. Ever want to know how much a prepurchase exam can cost? Here is a break down: $35 farm call, $200 pre purchase, $128 for blood work, X-rays $80 for a total of $442.50. And it doesn’t end there. Makes one want to buy a bike. The best part was I spent some time with the Metz’s, had an amazing dinner, presented their portraits with Simeon Shai and gave them my Tevis first timer lecture. They are so proud of Red Shai aka Hot Wheels. Hoping I get the time to train for 2014. Will be tough with a 2 year old hanging around…or not as he might be off to pasture.

Want a new pony little lady? Najm El Nil of Santa Ynez at Silver Maple Farms

Back in April, the 13th to be exact this year, I visited the Metzs, the owners of Silver Maple Farms. I went down to Santa Ynez as I was offered the chance to ride Limerick, a massive Irish Sport Horse, owned by one of the Masters in the Los Altos Hounds. Our club was invited to the closing hunt of the Santa Ynez Valley Hounds. Off I went and had a super fabulous but very intense and very fast ride galloping up and down hillsides chasing scents of various critters. Christie and Henry wanted a portrait of Simeon Shai, (the sire of my gelding, Brumarba Red Shai), with them. He is 29 years old this year and they wanted a recent portrait as he is still absolutely stunning. Afterwards, Henry took me to meet a yearling named Najm El Nil. He didn’t fit their breeding program but felt he would be a spectacular trail horse. My specialty. Trails and endurance. I was thinking OK, I will go along with it, meet the little guy, take some pics with my iphone and maybe a mini video. I showedImage it to my husband who said, well, honey, when he is ready to go under saddle, Finn will be 20, actually 19 but I was saying nothing except, true, true. Right, right and then suddenly I was calling the Metzs and discussing his pick up and pre purchase exam. WTH?